Letter: Scale back Big Brother growth



I chuckle at columnist Leonard Pitts’ left slant.

His thoughts regarding America, individual sovereignty and constitutional government, revealed in his Jan. 9 column, “Paul doubles down on faulty premise,” on why he believes Ron Paul is a crackpot, begs comment.

The Founders lived under a tyrannical government, so after fighting for and winning independence, they attempted to allow the country to govern itself. That proved undo-able, thus, the Constitution was drafted, amended and ratified.

The federal government has operated under the authority of the Constitution for most of our history.

Google “federal spending” and see how bloated government has become since the mid-1970s, when the EPA was birthed. Why do we need a federal EPA? We have agencies at the state and local level that provide consumer protection.

Pitts says it’s our duty to pare back an out-of-control government and he’s correct, but it is also the duty of politicians to operate within the constraints of the Constitution, for without those constraints, there is no limit to the size government will grow.

The Declaration of Independence acknowledges, and the Constitution protects, my sovereignty.

It’s not perfect, and that imperfection is illustrated in the attempt to create utopia through an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy that infringes on individual choices, (e.g. toilets, shower heads, light bulbs, etc.).

Carl Wilson