Letter: Tired of complaint about ‘agenda’



I take exception to Gorman Gray’s objection, in a Jan. 10 letter, “Morality cannot support gay unions,” to same-sex marriage and remind him the Bible isn’t used to make decisions in the governor’s office. That’s why we don’t execute our neighbors for working on Sunday or put to death our unruly children.

I strongly support same-sex marriage and my ears are worn out hearing about how the homosexual agenda is trying to change the definition of marriage.

Being gay or lesbian has to be natural. When puberty arrives, you become attracted to what rings your bell. Some of the problems of puberty are how to tolerate being forced by religion to sit on your virginity when hormones are raging through your body. That is what’s unnatural.

Having your husband selected for you is unnatural. Being subject to a shotgun marriage is unnatural and claiming a monopoly of the marriage contract is unnatural but a set of unnatural conditions imposed by the church.

Well, let’s put all this screaming about marriage is “between a man and a woman” to rest and call it “pairrage,” which all the legal benefits of marriage without the funny clothes and the asunder speech.

Larry Little