Health worker report

By Pauline Sipponen, Columbian news assistant



The Health Professions Quality Assurance office of the state Department of Health recently took disciplinary actions or has withdrawn charges against these Clark County health care providers.

In December, the Nursing Assistant Program ended the probation order against registered nursing assistant Matthew H. Erickson.

In December, the Nursing Commission immediately suspended the license of registered nurse Lisel N. Ham based on suspension of her Oregon registered nurse credential. Ham may ask for a hearing to contest the suspension.

In December, the Chiropractic Commission suspended the license of chiropractor Kelly Curtis Smith. Smith engaged in sexual contact with a patient on more than one occasion.

If you have questions about this report, contact Health Professions Customer Service at 360-236-4700. For questions about the Oregon State Board of Nursing report, call 971-673-0685.

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