Letter: Acknowledge president’s success



I love Jay Ambrose’s selective thinking and partisan evaluation of efforts in his Jan. 12 column, “Mitt’s brilliance gets under Newt’s skin.” According to Ambrose, Romney’s business acumen includes “investing in struggling companies that could in some instances have faced total demise in which every job would be lost.” Yet, Ambrose still considers him a brilliant business leader who has contributed “mightily” to America.

I don’t disagree with Ambrose that Romney has been successful and created wealth for investors, executives and himself. And along the way some jobs for regular people, too.

On the other hand, President Obama is blamed entirely for America’s too-slow economic recovery and is called a terrible businessman regardless of his successful decisions in other areas, such as saving the auto industry and the overall slowly improving employment rate and monthly increases in jobs. Republicans refuse to help the president or acknowledge his brilliant accomplishments in domestic, military, economic and foreign affairs.

Unlike Romney the president has not made personal millions when companies fail and people lose their jobs and retirement accounts.

Politics is such an arena of immature human behavior. Do you think it will ever evolve, grow up and utilize time, money and energy more honestly and effectively?

I hope so.

Joanne Fitzwilson