Letter: Keep family in your prayers



I read the wonderful Jan. 10 story “Makeover benefits ill B.G. couple: Home addition takes shape through volunteers, donations” regarding the Brian and Jennie Epp family and I was truly moved to tears. It is so wonderful that they are getting a makeover on their home that will be able to help Brian in his day-to-day routine.

I was thinking, how can I help this family, and I thought of one thing that I could do for them and that would be to start praying for them daily. So I have put their family in our prayer book at church and we said a rosary for them. I feel a little better knowing that I have something worthy to do for this family. Prayer is not only healing for the ones who are being prayed for but also for those who are doing the praying. My group at church was so moved by the Epps’ story and will also include them in the daily rosary. Thank you for the beautiful story that inspired me to help the Epp family with prayers.

Cheryl Thomas

Hazel Dell