2 climbers, 2 campers overdue on Mount Rainier



ASHFORD, Wash. (AP) — A day after rescuing a missing snowshoer on Mount Rainier, the national park says four other people are overdue on the mountain in blizzard conditions.

Public information officer Patti Wold said Tuesday that two climbers are a day overdue and two campers are two days overdue.

The campers are on the Muir snowfield, elevation 10,000, where visibility in a whiteout is zero. Wold did not immediately know which route the climbers are on. No names have been released.

She says all are equipped for the conditions, and officials expect they are hunkered down. Rangers are watching the weather to see if it’s safe to check on them.

Wold says the park advises visitors of dangers but can’t stop people from climbing or camping in the winter.