Letter: Smith’s translations alter true gospel



In Colleen Tolva’s Jan. 11 letter, “Look beyond candidate’s religion,” she wonders what people and especially evangelical Christians don’t like about Mitt Romney, and proceeds to identify him as a Christian based on the fact that he is a member of the Mormon church.

She makes the erroneous claim that Mormon was a prophet/historian. Actually, Mormon was a fictitious angel who was the father of Moroni, whom Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery and David Whitman encountered and from whom Smith received some golden plates that contained the true gospel.

Smith began to translate the characters on the plates, the result being “The Book of Mormon,” which took precedence over the King James Bible. Smith had the audacity to make additions, deletions, rearrangements and other alterations in at least 3,410 verses in the King James Bible. Mormonism consists of numerous anti-biblical teachings, therefore, I believe that anyone adhering to such teachings is not a Christian.

Gordon Smith