“Vancouvria” episodes hit the mark




Two new episodes of “Vancouvria” went online Tuesday morning.

The first episode, “Put a flag on it,” targets our affinity for displaying the American flag (but crossing the Columbia River to buy the flags so we avoid the sales tax).

We have to say this first short online piece hits the mark.

We’ve blogged in “All Politics Is Local” about the American flag pins that local officials probably even wear to go to the grocery store, and giant SUVs adorned with giant flag stickers aren’t an unusual sight.

The second episode, “Did you watch?” plays off “Portlandia’s” “Did you read?” sketch, where people one-upped each other on how many books and articles they devour.

In “Vancouvria,” people prove they stay on top of current events by watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Well, we plead guilty as charged to watching television. But myself and the other “All Politics Is Local” reporters are more likely to gush about our favorite shows, “Parks and Recreation” and “Modern Family.”

Created by Brighton West, a Portland filmmaker, “Vancouvria” debuted in December.

Inspired by “Portlandia,” a sketch comedy show on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) from “Saturday Night Live” star Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein that pokes fun of the ultra-hip, ultra-PC Portlanders, West’s “Vancouvria” mocks life in the conservative ‘burbs. You know, where we use plastic bags and don’t talk to our neighbors.

Watch the videos at Vancouvria.

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