17 Ridgefield students score in 80th percentile, better on PSAT



Ridgefield — Recent results from the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test showed 14 Ridgefield High School juniors and three sophomores scored in the top 80th and 90th percentiles nationwide.

The juniors are Phoebe Askelson, Brian Bjur, Beatrice Bremer, Jessica Dix, Justine Bishop, Corrine Jhaveri, Erin Kirkelie, Robert Koopman, Ashley Lehto, Contessa Neff, Justin Pohl, Shelby Rutherford, Megan Strickland and Elizabeth Vance.

The three sophomores are Kiana Flowers, Dominic Mulligan, Garrett Walter. All juniors at the high school took the test earlier this school year to help them prepare for college.

In the past, students paid for and took the test themselves over a weekend. This year, the high school paid for and administered the test during the week.

“We believe every student should leave Ridgefield High School college and career ready,” said School Counselor Monica DeShazer. “Since roughly 75 percent of our students proceed to post-secondary education, providing a test for every junior will help all students know their post-high school options, as well as give them preparation to take the Scholastic Assessment Test.”