Talking Points: For NBA, less might have been more



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


As we ponder the Trail Blazers’ tortuous road trip, we again wish our professional sports leagues could choose quality over quantity.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of cramming 66 games into four months the league had gone with a 50-game schedule? Certainly the quality of play would be better. Plus, with fewer games the importance of each would go up. As exciting as a Blazers’ home game can be now, imagine if there were only 25 of them in the season?

We understand why this will never happen. Money must be made; TV contracts must be fulfilled. But as this compact season grinds on, as players inevitably break down under the physical strain, we wonder how satisfying the NBA 2012 will be for its fans.


Congratulations to the Portland Winterhawks. The Western Hockey League team set a franchise record with its 17th consecutive home win on Monday, and is again among the better teams in major junior hockey.

Led by Ty Rattie, who leads all of junior hockey this season with 40 goals, Mike Johnston’s club is not only winning, but doing it in entertaining fashion with a bunch of young players who will soon by playing in the NHL.

We mention this as one of our periodic reminders that the Winterhawks, who sometimes fly under the radar, are providing first-rate entertainment Ñ and the chance to watch many of the top young players in the world before they become famous.