Letter: New challenge arises in health care



PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center’s decision not to renew its relationship with Aetna medical insurance will affect our family, as well as countless numbers of individuals and families.

After having numerous discussions with individuals working at and associated with PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, I believe it appears that the decision to terminate health insurance with Aetna was done with little regard for employee and past and future patient welfare in mind.

A letter was sent to Aetna insurance policy holders stating that “the Medical Center has experienced record levels of charity care and bad debt associated with higher unemployment and more uninsured patients.” This statement contradicts the hospital’s ability to accept patients covered by a national insurance company willing to pay the industry average for health care.

I have worked at Southwest for 20 years as a registered nurse and believed in the statement that the hospital’s “Principles of Mission, Vision, and Value” were the core of patient care.

As you know, patients develop a rapport and trust with their physician/surgeon and hospital. By forcing patients to seek health care elsewhere, their physical and emotional well-being are greatly compromised.

I would highly encourage Aetna medical insurance policy holders to contact Aetna Health Insurance Group and PeaceHealth Southwest to resolve this extremely important issue.

Sharon M. Stose