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I have some old paint and household chemicals that I need to get rid of. What is the best way to dispose of these?

There are several free options available to you. If you live in Clark County or one of its cities, you may dispose of unwanted household hazardous waste products at either an HHW collection site or special collection event. Detailed information about these sites is located at or by calling 360-397-6118, ext. 4352.

Be sure to check with elderly neighbors to see if you can dispose of any HHW for them while you are making the trip.

Can I put those clear plastic clamshell containers in my blue recycling cart? The produce I buy is frequently packaged this way.

The first answer is to stop buying your produce packaged like this. It really is an unnecessary waste of resources and creates trash for you that is hard to get rid of. Rethinking your purchases to reduce wasteful packaging is a great way to make a difference. Secondly, the plastic clamshells cannot go in the blue recycling cart. However, you can take them to the drop-off recycling center at any of the transfer stations. For details, refer to or call 397-2121, ext. 4352.

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