Elite team searches for 4 missing on Mt. Rainier



ASHFORD, Wash. (AP) — An elite mountain rescue team is on its way up Washington’s Mount Rainier searching for four people missing for days in a nasty storm.

The team of 10 highly experienced mountaineers is looking on a portion of the intended route of a pair of overdue campers and two climbers who were trying to summit the 14,410-foot volcano. The rescuers reached Camp Muir at the 10,000-foot level by midday Thursday, where they plan to spend the night.

The campers were due to return Sunday, and the climbers had been scheduled back down Monday. Rangers believe they were all well-equipped and experienced but worry they’re running out of supplies.

It wasn’t immediately clear how much snow had fallen in the area, but about 2 feet fell on lower parts of the mountain.