Letter: Press conference was helpful



I attended the Smarter Bridge Committee’s press conference on Jan. 12. It was music to my ears to hear intelligent businessmen and legislators, 90 percent of them from Oregon, explain why the Columbia River Crossing project must be stopped.

It was brought out by speaker after speaker that not one thin dime has been appropriated by the federal government nor the states of Oregon and Washington for construction. Yet the pocket pickers in each state, county and city continue to spend $1 million a month on this boondoggle.

I was saddened and disappointed that not one Clark County commissioner or Vancouver City Council member attended. I can only hope they were prohibited by their leaders to become educated. After all, their minds have been made up for them, by Identity Clark County, The Columbia River Economic Development Council, by Mayor Tim “I was against bridge tolls before I was for them” Leavitt, the C-Tran Board, and the county commissioners, so why confuse them with facts?

Complete coverage of the event is on the website Couv.Com.

Larry Patella