Letter: Revise Endangered Species Act



It’s time to begin a serious discussion to amend the federal Endangered Species Act. Most of our federal environmental and wildlife protection laws, including the ESA, are well over 30 years old. The majority of the current plants, insects, fish and animals protected under the ESA, are located on or in the waterways of the Western states.

The success stories, such as bald eagles, gray wolves and grizzlies, are a more flexible habitat species capable of recovery. However, where are the success stories for insects, or crustaceans, which have a very limited habitat?

What of the private landowners who are found to have a critical habitat for a protected species, and are limited to a specific limited use of their property?

Instead of adding new wildlife species to the protected list, we need to address those species that have not recovered, and the property rights of landowners.

Those who refuse to listen or discuss any revisions to the ESA will limit recovery for less recovery-capable species, and the property rights of landowners. Do they want more continual lawsuits, 9th Circuit Court decisions, and potential Supreme Court hearings?

Chris Brong