Letter: Stop wasting time on train noise



In response to the Jan. 15 blog “All politics is local,” about the trains in Felida, again we are seeing folks in Felida who didn’t do their research and then turned to Clark County to fix their problems.

I am again shocked at their wasting staff time on their agendas.

If they hadn’t removed the trees to add more houses in the density rush, some of us in Felida wouldn’t hear the trains. I welcome the noise and understand that the federal laws are in place for safety reasons. I would be more concerned at the stability of the slopes in this area due to the storm water runoff.

What is next, stopping the airplanes from flying over, due to homes in the flight pattern? Clark County is opening “Pandora’s box” with these types of agendas at a time when the budget is stretched to its limits. When will the commissioners stop wasting staff time and taxpayers’ money?

Lynn Carman