Letter: Fire district controversy lingers



I’m writing in response to the Jan. 13 story, “Former fire chief Bartel honored in Ridgefield,” and the elimination of firefighter Larry Bartel’s job.

As a past volunteer firefighter/EMT with Fire District 12, I served side by side with Larry for many years. I’m aware of his abilities, dedication and qualifications. As a taxpayer and voter, I have always voted “pro” on anything the fire district has put on the ballot.

I know every story has two sides. With that said, those involved with the elimination of his job need to show the public some proof, as claimed, that this action was already in the works prior to his dad’s funeral service. Likewise, if the district’s’ coffers are as low as said to be, those that turned in vouchers for time spent at the service should be ashamed of themselves.

I ask all who reside within the Clark County Fire and Rescue service district to demand justice on this matter. However, if justice is not served, then join me and show your disapproval at the ballot box.

Patrick H. Pietz