Letter: Far left can’t stand Tim Tebow



Here’s an observation about all of the Tim Tebow haters out there.

Much, if not most, of their hate is based on their own hatred of Christianity, not Tebow’s football skills. Now that Denver has lost and is out of the playoffs, has the Tebow hating ended? No. It’s actually increased. Clearly, Tebow has given the far left a new avenue to express its extreme religious bigotry.

Here’s a question for those people who mock Tebow for his “take-a-knee-for-God.” Consider this hypothetical. At a critical point in a game, a Muslim NFL player had to stop to pray. And if his absence meant that they lost the game, how would those Christian haters at “The View,” MSNBC, CNN and other far lefties treat that Muslim player?

You know how they would react. Suddenly those religion haters, who get so jacked up with Tebow venom, would heap praise on the Muslims for their strong inner faith and their devotion to their faith.

Truth be told, Tebowmania has exposed the full depth of the far left’s hatred of Christianity.

Bill Kercher