Letter: Town hall meetings are necessary



Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler has informed her constituents that open town hall meetings are no longer being planned. (“Congresswoman talks town halls, confirms re-election bid,” Jan. 17)

Instead she prefers the “by invitation only” coffee meetings presumably so that she doesn’t get overwhelmed by opinions and insights different from her own viewpoints and agenda.

Last time I checked, we have a representative government in this country and our elected congressional politicians are supposed to represent and hear the views from all of their constituents.

Herrera Beutler has decided she only wants to hear from invited voters to drum up support for her re-election bid. As a voting citizen in her district, I am outraged by her actions and can imagine many other voters feel the same way.

Let your voices be heard. Please, no more Herrera Beutler.

Rick Brown

Brush Prairie