Letter: Better results needed in schools



Evergreen school district is asking voters to not only renew a school levy, but to expand it to four years at increased rates.

Over the past four years, though school performance has not improved, administrators continue to earn six-figure salaries plus benefits. The amount of time students spend with teachers has decreased. Witness the current 4.5 day/week class schedule. Levy monies are not making the classroom a better place for students.

What can be done to better utilize current funding for public education?

Consider consolidating the two school districts. Does Vancouver really need to pay over $500,000 per year in superintendent salaries and benefits?

Consider privatizing transportation and reducing the expenditure of providing bus service inside the state-funded mandate.

Currently the school district’s students score in the 48th percentile in math, according to the Washington State Report Card website (http://reportcard.ospi.k12.wa.us/summary.aspx?year=2010-11).

Consider providing more direct assistance to all students instead of developing new curriculum for those at the top of the spectrum.

Give serious thought to split schedules at the high school level and year-round educational programs throughout the district.

We’ve had three straight years of dropping test scores with poor graduation rates.

In the Evergreen school district, more money so far has not produced better results.

Susan Page