Search resuming Monday for 4 on Mount Rainier



MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, Wash. (AP) — A search is resuming Monday for four overdue climbers and campers on Mount Rainier.

Park spokeswoman Patti Wold says that rescuers on Sunday didn’t find signs of the parties. But she says “we’re optimistic, so we’ll keep searching.”

Wold is hopeful that weather permitting an aerial search could be conducted Monday.

Officials say the two groups are equipped for camping in winter weather and hopefully have dug in to wait out the storm. They were expected off the mountain on Jan. 15 or 16.

The missing campers are 37-year-old Mark Vucich, of San Diego, and 30-year-old Michelle Trojanowski, of Atlanta. The climbers were identified as 52-year-old Sork “Erik” Yang, of Springfield, Ore., and Seol Hee Jin, of Korea.