Columbian newspaper changes today



Like all businesses, The Columbian has to make changes – in large part – to assure our revenues and meet our expenses. We hope our changes are not too disruptive. And part of that means making sure our readers are aware of them. A few days ago Editor Lou Brancaccio wrote about the changes in his Press Talk Column. But in brief, here are the changes.

  • The business section will now move inside our Clark County section. It will essentially be the same business section and the same number of business reporters remain.

  • We will have a smaller daily TV grid to reflect the fact that if you get multi-channels from cable or satellite TV you are already getting an electronic TV grid from them.

  • Some items will also move around in the paper and we will try to keep most of them in the same place. But moving things around gives The Columbian the flexibility to put the newspaper together without having to resort to the costly measure of adding newsprint.

  • We are also increasing the size of our crossword puzzle because we have been asked to do so by our readers. And – overall – The Columbian will be more streamlined and slightly smaller in size than it has been.

If you’d like to leave us a message about our changes, please do so by calling 360-735-4660. We will listen to all of them. Please also feel free to leave a comment here, below.