Letter: Support state’s Toxic-Free Kids Act



Fire retardants sound like a good thing. But the simplest, cheapest way to “fire-proof” products used by babies and toddlers is to add carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting chemicals. This is a cure that is worse than the problem it supposedly solves.

The Toxic-Free Kids Act (House Bill 2266, Senate Bill 6120) would direct manufacturers to eliminate harmful chemicals from their products and use safer methods for retarding potential fires.

I want to thank state Sen. Craig Pridemore, D-Vancouver, for co-sponsoring the Toxic-Free Kids Act, and urge the rest of our local delegation to follow suit. Citizens, especially parents, please let your state representatives know today that you would like them to support this act.

Even better, vote with your dollars. Learn which products are safe, and only buy those. Visit http://watoxics.org for product information as well as facts behind the Toxic-Free Kids Act.

Patty Page