Paul Valencia: A little fun inside the WIAA’s numbers

Commentary: Paul Valencia

By Paul Valencia, Columbian High School Sports Reporter



The numbers are confirmed, the classifications finalized by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

Now, let’s have some fun with those numbers.

To begin, let me first say that there is not enough space on the internet to fully explain how the WIAA comes up with student enrollment numbers. Yes, I am aware that some students get added or subtracted from high schools when students from alternative schools or home-school networks are entered into the system.

With that said, as far as the WIAA is concerned, Battle Ground is the 10th largest school in the state and the largest in Southwest Washington with an enrollment of 1,740.27.

Hey, I’ve seen some small freshmen on campus, but I think it’s kind of rude to consider someone to be 0.27 of a student.

By the way, South Kitsap is No. 1 in the state at 2,447.63 students.

Skyview is No. 2 in enrollment in the 4A GSHL. Camas, a 3A power for years, will be a 4A GSHL program beginning in the fall. Evergreen, at 1,319.87 is the smallest 4A GSHL school.

In the Class 3A ranks, a whopping 18 programs opted up. So, guess they are just too good for 2A, huh?

Kelso, at 1,265.63 is the largest 3A GSHL program now that Camas got too big. (You know what? I’m going to stop with this point-whatever business. It’s starting to creep me out to think there are .63 students out there.)

Hudson’s Bay and Mountain View are next, each with 1,206 students. (OK, I lied. I have to bring in the points again because technically, Bay is bigger than View with 1,206.84 students to 1,206.16 students.)

Prairie, at 1,117 is the smallest of the 3A GSHL schools.

Big cheers for Hockinson. The Hawks (508) aren’t afraid of a little competition. They opted up from 1A numbers to remain in the Class 2A GSHL. (Actually, what they might be afraid of is travel costs. Those 1A schools might want to buy some AAA memberships.)

Mark Morris (903) is the largest 2A GSHL school, followed by Washougal (699).

But just like in recent history, the 2A GSHL will be the underdogs in the district playoffs against the Evergreen Conference. The Evergreen has six of the top seven seven schools in the district.

When the Ridgefield Spudders win, they really will have some bragging rights. The former 1A school is now the smallest 2A school in the state with 516.

Welcome to the A’s, King’s Way Christian and Seton Catholic. Both private schools from Vancouver opted up from Class B status to Class 1A to join the Trico League.

Woodland (506) is the second-biggest 1A team in the state. Seton Catholic (61) is the smallest.

That will make the Trico League a 10-team league in everything but football. King’s Way will wait before making its 11-man varsity debut.

These classifications, and the leagues, are for pretty much set for all sports. But let’s face it. Many of us first consider the football ramifications.

There is no truth to the rumor that the WIAA made a football-only classification for Bellevue and Skyline. Bellevue has five of the past six state championships in its classification. Skyline has won four of the past five state title — one at 3A and the other three at 4A.

But it would have been cool if those were the only teams in the Class 5A football league only — nine regular-season games between those programs, and then a championship game.

OK, maybe not.

But we do know that if you do not like where your school is playing, just be patient. We get to do this reclassification thing all over again in two years.

Paul Valencia covers high school sports for The Columbian. He can be reached at 360-735-4557 or e-mail at

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