Letter: CRC criticism overlooked



In regard to John Bala’s Jan. 20 letter, “CRC foes make a strong point,” he shouldn’t be surprised, since political affiliation doesn’t really equate with intelligence and common sense at all. No one is completely liberal or conservative — that’s narrow-minded thinking, encouraged by the irresponsible media.

He should also be made aware that David Madore and his group are late entries to the protest; Vancouver View TV (on YouTube) has long covered the story and reported on the waste and corruption involved. Whether fighting with the CRC to get specific cost information, interviewing and publishing video with local politicians, or just knowing the area for decades as a native, Jerome Joseph has done it all, and continues to do so. So, why haven’t you heard of Vancouver View TV? That’s simple: It doesn’t have the money Madore has, so the Columbian ignores it, as does Madore and his group.

Which is odd, since if either of these two were really interested in progress on these matters, they would offer to work together with all such like-minded individuals and groups. It’s only common sense.

Jerry Nye