Letter: No whining in law enforcement




There are good cops and bad cops, indifferent cops, arrogant and friendly cops, great cops and jerk cops all over the country. But whining cops? Does Vancouver/Clark County have a lock on these?

Sheriff’s deputy Ed Bylsma (“State’s high court to get case of spit on a burger,” Jan. 19) asserts that he suffers “ongoing emotional trauma from the incident, including vomiting, nausea, food anxiety and sleeplessness” from not eating a burger that had been spat on. If this is true, such a delicate psyche clearly is not cut out to handle the stresses of everyday life, and is certainly much too fragile for police work. A germ-free, peaceful and padded environment hermetically sealed from the world’s nastiness would seem the right prescription for him.

If not true however, this “defender” of the law would appear to be abusing our legal system to attempt a rip-off of a business that had absolutely nothing to do with his tainted beef patty any more than I, as his “employer” by virtue of being a Clark County taxpayer, am responsible for either his delicate disposition or potentially larcenous intent. In either case, he has demonstrated himself unfit for work in law enforcement. Sheriff, action please.

Diane Willerton