Letter: Gregoire moves in right direction



I am not for homosexuality; neither am I against it. The fact of homosexuality has no effect on my heterosexuality. Sexual acts between same-sex partners may be abhorrent to some; they do not diminish my heterosexual enjoyment one jot. Homosexual marriage may be anathema to religious dogma; the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the state from consulting religious dogma in determining constitutional rights.

The fact of a man or woman marrying within the same gender does not diminish my marriage. Neither does it diminish society in any way in the states where homosexual marriage is permitted. Any such diminishment exists only in the minds of religious fundamentalists.

The Declaration of Independence calls for the right to pursue happiness without limiting that right to specific segments of the population, nor excluding any. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution specifically declares the right of all citizens to the equal protection of the laws. Those precepts, based on “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” are sacred to those who respect our nation’s founding documents.

Gov. Chris Gregoire is right in sending a bill to the Legislature permitting homosexual marriage in Washington. Churches may do as they like. The state may not discriminate.

Joel Littauer