Goat-killing dogs turn on woman in Woodland



A Woodland woman was trapped in her car Tuesday morning after she discovered two Rottweilers tearing apart the carcasses of two pet goats that the dogs had just killed, authorities said.

Cowlitz animal control supervisor Mike Nicholson said the woman stepped from her car and yelled at the dogs, but they turned and chased after her. She jumped back in her car for protection, he said.

Nicholson said it was unclear whether the woman, who called 9-1-1 from her car at 8:36 a.m., had been arriving at or leaving her home when she saw the dogs.

He said the woman kept the goats on her property for her neighbor. That neighbor ended up shooting one of the dogs, which ran off.

The wounded dog was eventually found and taken to a veterinarian where it was euthanized, Nicholson said. The dog had been shot in its chest and one of its front legs, he said.

The other dog remains with its owner but has been declared a dangerous animal. The dogs’ owner has 15 days to appeal the declaration or the animal will be seized and put down, Nicholson said.

The Woodland woman declined to be interviewed.