Letter: Birth control is basic health care



As a Catholic, I applaud the Obama administration for requiring insurance companies to cover birth control and other preventive care, without additional co-pays. Nurses, teachers, staff, and secretaries at religiously affiliated universities and hospitals must have this right, as must women and students in other occupations.

I just don’t think it’s right for any organization or official head of a church to dictate whether women have access to affordable birth control. Yet, that is what the Catholic bishops and some other church officials want to do.

The reality is that many Catholics and non-Catholics use birth control. It is basic health care, and it is common sense, especially in today’s economy.

This new birth control coverage benefit means that women will save hundreds of dollars in costly co-pays. Taxpayers will benefit, also.

I thank President Obama for doing the right and just thing for women — protecting access to no-cost birth control and resisting the pressure of the insurance companies, churches, and their financially supported candidates.

Donna Quesnell