Letter: Scrutinize labor unions, too



It was an interesting story in the Jan. 26 Columbian — “Activists at WSUV forum speak out against corporate personhood” — about the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

A crowd of 60 people turned out to rebel against “corporate personhood” and the role it has in elections. That same Supreme Court decision gave us “Labor Union Personhood” also.

As one person pointed out, “the word Corporation is in the Constitution zero times.” As far as I can tell, that’s as many times as the words “labor unions” are in the same document.

In the short story, the words “corporation” or “company” are used 17 times while “union” or “labor union” appear only twice. Labor unions can threaten lawmakers with “I’ll just remove you and put in another senator” just as easily as corporations can.

Until these folks start railing about the major role labor unions play in the outcome of elections, they are just your usual run-of-the-mill progressive hypocrites who want it to be my way or the highway.

Get both labor unions and corporations out of the election business. If one isn’t a person, neither is the other.

Darel Maden