Nighttime F-15 jet training flights to end before 10 p.m.



Routine night-flight training by F-15 fighter jets began Monday and will continue through Feb. 3, according to a bulletin from the Oregon Air National Guard’s 142nd Fighter Wing in Portland.

The flights should end before 10 p.m.

“Night flying is conducted periodically throughout the year to meet the Air Force’s training and currency requirements for both pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel. Night flying in an F-15 involves the use of night vision goggles and night aerial refueling. It incorporates other tactics and procedures that must be routinely exercised,” the bulletin said.

The bulletin continues: “Any time we conduct training outside of our normal daily routine, we feel it’s our responsibility to inform the public of the jets flying overhead,” said 142nd Fighter Wing’s commander, Col. Michael Stencel. “We feel privileged to be a part of this community and are committed to our role as good neighbors and stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

“Since September 11, 2001, the 142nd Fighter Wing has flown more than 37,000 hours in support of our mission to ensure the Pacific Northwestern skies remain safe,” the bulletin said.