Letter: Get the money out of politics



The 2010 Supreme Court ruling on the Citizens United case, which concluded that corporations are people and money is free speech, should be at the forefront of all campaigns this election cycle.

Passing legislation to protect our campaigns and government from the undue influence of corporation- and billionaire-funded lobbyists and superPACs should be a promise of all candidates. This is not based on Democratic or Republican rhetoric; this is based on the American principle that our government is one of, by, and for the people (actual human people, that is).

All candidates in Washington state running for Congress should make the following promises to us, the people: (1) Will work to pass legislation for significant campaign finance reform to remove all paid special interests from influencing elections and lawmakers. (2) We will not spend a single minute talking to PACs, superPACs, or paid lobbyists while in office. (3) We will listen to constituents and hold at least one local town hall meeting every four months.

Again, these are American principles all candidates should endorse, and voters should demand they be followed. The first candidate to make these promises in the 3rd Congressional District will get my vote.

Michael D. McVicker