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Readers took opposing views on the La Center shooting:

Debra Scott Burroughs Spada:

"When someone decides to trespass on someone else's property, that is exactly what it is, 'trespassing', and the outcome is the risk taken by the perpetrator, as in this situation. Every homeowner has the right to protect their property. The homeowners, in my opinion, acted as most anyone else in that situation would. You just don't know what you're up against. Anyone who has read articles regarding robbery cases of late will note that in most instances, they're armed."

Rob Farris · Top Commenter:

"Most reasonable people would dial 911. Someone outside of your home is little to no threat to you unless you're in his crosshairs. A reasonable person would of locked the door, got their family into a safe position inside the house then dialed 911 and waited, armed, to see if the prowler decided to make entry into his home..."

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No. 1) Suspected prowler shot in La Center dies in hospital

A man suspected of prowling around a La Center home early Tuesday died in the hospital after being shot by the homeowner, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office said.

No. 2) La Center incident raises question of when shootings are justified

When is a shooting justified by Washington law? Short answer: Your life is in danger.

No. 3) Benton, Pridemore spar over same-sex marriage

Vancouver-based state senators Craig Pridemore, a Democrat, and Don Benton, a Republican, butted heads while voting Thursday morning on whether to pass the controversial same-sex marriage bill out of committee.

No. 4) Letter: Gay marriage: let the people vote

No. 5) Vancouver mayor pushes parks levy

Mayor Tim Leavitt on Friday urged his fellow council members to put a parks levy before voters this year -- a move that could free the struggling department from further cuts.

Lynn Vaughn · Top Commenter

"Parks/Recreation should be a community effort to maintain. If communities wish to have a park, organizations should obtain donations and volunteers to ensure they are taken care of. Our Taxes are way out of control and should be cut, not increased. Has anyone out there heard we are in a recession?"

Charles Stemper · Top Commenter

"It is probably time for the city to put all downtown development on hold until both the parks and roads are fixed and maintained in our core neighborhoods. Tax benefit districts (TBD) or a levy doesn't solve the basic problem...."