Letter: Hope looms in November



If the Columbian headline of Jan. 25, “American dream in peril, Obama says,” describing the state of the union address, is accurate, then he has only to look in the mirror to discover the culprit largely responsible for the unfortunate condition in the nation.

Obama’s policies of the past three years have resulted in a country saddled with unparalleled debt, sky-high unemployment and unsustainable spending. Couple this with a failed foreign policy, a trashing of the Constitution, bogus environmental issues, a European-style secular socialism, energy deprivation, and the unfulfilled promises of hope and change. Consequently the American dream has become a nightmare, of his making.

Despite this bleak picture, hope looms on the horizon. In November, the American people have a chance to reclaim the dream by replacing this failed president. But to have this happen, America needs to wake up. Perhaps this is our last best hope to avoid the peril in progress caused by an individual whose definition of success certainly differs radically from what “we the people” envision.

E. Bruce Preece