Letter: Radon’s danger exaggerated



The Columbian’s Jan. 16 story, “Vancouver man raises awareness of radon,” was one-sided. The EPA claims radon causes 15,000 deaths yearly and says to keep it under 4 picocuries per liter. The only problem is that in real-world studies by professor Bernard Cohen that assessed lung cancer, the rate decreased with increasing levels of radon.

The EPA thinks there is no safe dose of radiation, thus wasting tens of billions of dollars per year to protect people from a nonexistent danger.

The theory of hormesis states that at low doses something is beneficial, while at high doses it is toxic. This is true for mercury, alcohol, radiation, etc.

However, since hormesis threatens EPA dogma, you’ll never hear of it. See “Radiation, Science and Health” (http://www.radscihealth.org/rsh/).

Ruth Wagner