Letter: Sowell aims to discredit Obama



With his June 26 column, “Obama the biggest beneficiary of immigration ploy,” Thomas Sowell has once again graced us with another blithering diatribe in another desperate attempt to discredit the president for attempting to circumvent the inability of Congress to function. Sowell is characteristically oblivious to the dilemma facing the young immigrants who don’t have the luxury of waiting for legislative agreement to avoid being deported simply because they weren’t born here — even though they are culturally assimilated, law-abiding members of our society.

If subsequent leaders reverse this well-crafted and practical decision, it is hardly President Obama’s fault and reflects more on the politicking of those whom Sowell so feebly attempts to champion. The conservatives deserve a better spokesman who is capable of well-supported, thoughtful discussion.

This piece, like others Sowell has submitted, makes quantum, unsupported leaps that serve to incite, divide and subvert reasoned debate on various issues. Whatever our disagreements, Americans have clearly benefited and become stronger because of these differences, and will hopefully have the shared wisdom to ignore the shallow rants of those who seek to divide us.

Kevin Tracey