Convicted felon arrested after allegedly bringing gun into store

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



A convicted felon apparently looking to lock away his handgun ended up locked up in the county jail Saturday afternoon.

Vancouver police said Brian E. Anderson, 47, of Vancouver went to Curly’s Lock and Key, 212 N.E. 164th Ave. at 3:30 p.m. Saturday to buy a gun safe. He went back to his vehicle, a 2002 Jeep Cherokee he had borrowed from a friend, to get the handgun and brought it into the store to see if it would fit in the safe.

Someone saw him carrying the .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun into the store and called 911, reporting what was thought to be a robbery in progress.

Police apprehended and detained Anderson outside Curly’s. Once officers identified him, he was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm and booked at the Clark County Jail. Charges will be handled by the prosecuting attorney’s office.