Letter: Congress interfering with states




Congress is discussing providing states with scarce federal gas tax funds to coax states into cracking down on drivers under the age of 18 who are distracted by using cellphones while driving and as well as other distractions. Most states have already passed such laws. This appears to be another of many actions taken or considered by Congress to take over and manage state affairs.

If I might be facetious, why not just eliminate states and local governments altogether and let Congress run the county at all levels? That seems to be what is happening anyway, so why not just do it? They could not run amuck anymore than they are now. We would then become just like the rest of the world, running amuck, big time, as well.

Maybe what we really need to do instead is to replace the present members of Congress with members who understand and follow the provisions of the Constitution. Maybe we should take one step further and eliminate the two run-amuck political parties and vote for members based on their qualifications, impeccable character and ethics.

Bob Holdridge