‘Jug-R-Not’ takes top honors in dairy boat race




Mount Vista — The fearsomely seaworthy “Jug-R-Not,” engineered by Tad Winiecki, took a couple of first places in the Dairy Farmers of Oregon Milk Carton Boat Race on June 11 at the casting pond in Westmoreland Park in Portland. This annual Rose Festival race featured handmade boats fashioned entirely from milk cartons and jugs. There were 85 competitors. Jug-R-Not won the adult category and the multicaptain category because it was piloted by Tad’s son and grandchildren. Winiecki’s secret to success? Try, try again: “I arranged my milk jugs in a more hydrodynamic shape and wrapped tape around the two groups of 30 jugs each in a catamaran configuration. I used many tools to build the boat, then I tried it in the lake, made adjustments and tried again with my son and grandchildren.”