Letter: The real definition of Obamacare



Many opponents refer to the constitutional Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as “Obamacare.” It seems that they want to compress a very complicated issue into a simple, easy to remember epithet. They got it close, but not exactly right. What they really should call it is “Obamacares.”

Obamacares that no one can be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition or that their health insurance can be cancelled.

Obamacares that there are no lifetime limits on benefits, that small businesses get tax breaks, and that a high-risk insurance pool be established.

Obamacares that parents can insure their children to age 26 and that preventive counseling can avoid more serious, and expensive, problems in the future.

Obamacares that doctors and hospitals don’t lose billions of dollars every year by treating uninsured patients.

We Americans pay twice as much per person on health care as people in similar industrialized countries, and as a nation get worse results. Our health care parameters do not compare favorably with those countries that spend a lot less.

Obamacares that every American can receive the quality health care that our doctors, nurses and hospitals are capable of providing.

Luckily for America, Obamacares.

E.L. “Ernie” Santner