Letter: Initiative a vote on marriage laws



Since the dawn of mankind, people have known that God’s plan for healthy families and children is for one man and one woman in a committed marital relationship to care for and to protect each other as well as their children. Yes, this doesn’t always happen. Yes, single parents raise healthy children, but the fact is, the odds of a child being happy and healthy are greatly magnified when their natural parents are married (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jun/10/study-children-fare-better-traditional-mom-dad-fam/).

It is less costly to society if a child’s natural parents are married. There are many reasons for government to encourage one man and one woman to be married. I believe most citizens believe this is true.

Our legislators who voted to change the age old definition of marriage to include same-sex couples are wrong. Their new legal definition of marriage will open the door to future problems including a push for legal polygamy and persecution of those who disagree. Our children will be taught this is good. Where does it end?

Cindy Zapotocky