Letter: Join in fight against cancer



I read the June 27 Columbian story “At 21, Vancouver woman fights cancer yet again,” regarding Liz Rowan. Rowan came to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital about halfway into my granddaughter’s cancer treatments and they became good friends. Each of them had bone cancer, were the same age and struggling to finish high school.

Now that Rowan is facing another battle, this time with leukemia, I felt a calling to do as much as I could to help by selling “Lizstrong Fights On” bracelets. I feel it an honor to inform my friends and family of Rowan’s battle and how much she needs our prayers. Not only will it help Rowan get through her struggle with leukemia, but it will help her to know that others are praying and keeping her in their thoughts.

When we sold bracelets for my granddaughter, not only did the extra dollars help out tremendously, but knowing that so many people cared about someone they didn’t know truly helped my granddaughter’s frame of mind. So please help if you can with your prayers and $1 donation for a bracelet. I can guarantee you will feel better knowing that you helped in Rowan’s recovery.

Cheryl Thomas