Talking Points: Blazers still tough to watch



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Talking Points just heard that Larry Miller has resigned as President of the Portland Trail Blazers.

On behalf of all those DirecTV subscribers who used to be Blazers fans, we’d like to say: Thanks for nothing, Larry.

Well, maybe not all DirecTV subscribers who used to be Blazers fans would say that. Some might be grateful. Because the Blazers cannot stand DirecTV subscribers, many of those viewers found other teams to watch in recent years. Just about all of those teams on national television most nights were a lot more fun to watch than the Blazers.

So for them, thanks Larry. You weren’t loyal to them, so they weren’t loyal to you. Go Heat. Go Thunder. And even, Go Clippers.


The Daily Herald in Chicago had a front-page story on two people dying in a train wreck. On the front page of the Sports section, an analysis of the Cubs’ play for the first half of the season had this headline: Not a total train wreck.


These things happen because different people are working different sections of the newspaper. Still, it’s unfortunate timing.

Not to mention, the Cubs were 32-51 going into Saturday’s game. That IS a total train wreck!


The Williams sisters never cease to amaze us.

When Serena gets upset, we’re surprised. When she wins a grand slam after coming back from the (almost) dead, we’re thrilled.

And when we think of how Serena and Venus have now won 10 of the past 13 Wimbledon titles, we cannot help but say, “Wow!”

Compton, Calif., is not usually where Queens of Tennis are raised.

And then there is this: Hours after winning her fifth Wimbledon singles title — the same as her sister — Serena was back on the court again. This time, with Venus, she won a doubles title.

Venus, 32, has not won a singles Grand Slam title since 2008. Just like her sister, she has battled injuries. Yet here she is, in the doubles finals at another Slam. Serena is 30 and just won her 14th Grand Slam singles title.

It looks like the Williams sisters will remain in our tennis lives for a little longer. And that’s a great story.

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