Letter: Nonprofits: Find a better way



The July 2 Columbian story reported on “Nonprofits wait for fireworks sales to explode.” Yet another fireworks myth is revealed. The majority of the money you spend is not going to nonprofits; it is leaving the community in the fat purses of distributors and eventually back to China. What the nonprofits actually receive is a pittance.

So I would ask these community-minded groups to stop supporting a divisive practice and find ways to earn money with value added to all residents — something that doesn’t require us to drug our pets for their safety; pollute streets and waterways; cause stress to our real patriotic residents, those who have valiantly fought and now suffer post-traumatic stress disorder; cause injury and property damage; and force the majority of our county to huddle inside closed doors and windows to endure a week of sleepless nights and high-stress bombardments for the adolescent pleasure of a few.

Local government and these groups are pawns in huge corporate schemes that descend on us and laugh all the way to the bank. Fireworks have absolutely nothing to do with patriotism. The good work of nonprofits and the city and county leaders is tarnished when they promote the suffering of many for the profits of a few.

James Roberts