Letter: Voting is worth celebrating



This country was founded, and in my opinion operates best, if those who are eligible to vote actually do vote. Yes, it does take some effort but it is truly one of the major things that separate our wonderful country from many others around this world.

Forget the reasons you stopped voting, have never voted, etc. Deep down in your hearts you know that not voting because your side didn’t “win” the last time, or whatever other excuse you are using is just that, an excuse. Voting today is so very easy to do. All you high school students who are now reaching the age of 18 please get registered to vote, then vote.

Now here’s the harder part: You should inform yourselves of the issues that are being voted on. Many of us raise our children to think independently but when it comes to voting too many of us fail to take the advice we give our own children.

Wouldn’t it be great if Vancouver USA became famous for having the highest percentage of their eligible voters who voted in the upcoming elections, both local, regional and national?

Now that is something worth celebrating.

Kevin J. McCann