Letter: Let the people vote on fireworks



I had decided not to bother writing my annual letter to the editor calling for a ban on “fireworks week.” I’d said everything I had to say, as did many others who write similar letters each July, recounting the deafening noise, the danger of fires, the tragic accidents and the panic experienced by our pets. There is not much more to write, because it has all been said before.

But I have to share an observation. On July 3, I was at my veterinarian’s office to pick up my dog’s regular medication. I walked into the waiting room and could barely fit in the door. I counted 11 people standing between me and the reception desk. The young lady assisting me apologized for the wait and told me that all week there had been a steady stream of people requesting tranquilizers for their pets and that the office could barely keep up with the demand.

I hate to see my dog and my cats frightened and distressed. I can’t understand why we have to put up with this each year. Let’s put it to a vote, once and for all. If the majority of residents want to endure this war zone in July, I promise I’ll stop complaining. But let the majority make the decision.

Andrea Buchmann