Talking Points: Give KC fans reason to cheer, Bud




Kansas City fans booed the Yankees’ Robinson Cano during Monday’s Home Run Derby for not selecting the Royals’ Billy Butler to be part the Derby, and because he plays for the Yankees.

“I was criticized before I got here,” he said. “If you play for the Yankees you get booed everywhere you go.”

Still, commissioner Bud Selig and union head Michael Weiner expressed disappointment over the booing.

“While I understand Kansas City and I understand the whole Billy Butler thing, I really felt very badly last night,” Selig said.

Well, if Selig and Weiner want to do something about future booing, they have the power to do so.

First, institute a hard salary cap of $150 million and a meaningful revenue sharing plan so that teams like the Yankees can’t spend three times the amount on players that teams like the Royals do.

We think fans in Kansas City would cheer that idea.


The U.S. Olympic team unveiled its uniform Tuesday for the Opening Ceremony at the London Olympics.

Men will wear navy blue blazers with the Olympic team patch, along with red, white and blue neckties and white pants. Women will pair the blazers with similar-colored scarves and skirts.

All the team members will top off their uniforms with navy blue berets highlighted with red and white stripes.

A bunch of Americans in London dressed like Frenchmen. Are we trying to annoy the British? Only thing missing is to have athletes also wear “Beatles suck!” T-shirts.


Baseball fans waiting for expanded replay in the game will just have to keep waiting, if Bud Selig has anything to do with it.

“The appetite for more instant replay in the sport is very low, everywhere,” Selig said Tuesday during his annual meeting with the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

That, of course, explains why he was asked about it.

Major League Baseball could expand replay for 2013 by adding fair/foul calls and trapped balls, but Selig claimed it will not happen until “we have the technology to do it.”

And then he excused himself to go churn some butter.