Letter: Accusations are baseless



In response to Roger Moya’s June 10 letter, “Fundamentalists suppress diversity,” Romans 1:18-32 is God’s definitive statement regarding his abhorrence of homosexuality. Ergo, Moya’s bashing of “fundamentalist Christians” with his attempt to throw the Bible back at Christians is the fulfillment of Romans 1:22: “Professing themselves to be wise, they made themselves become fools.”

Romans 1:28 avers that God, not Christians, makes the final judgment about who is and is not a true homosexual. Therefore, Moya’s beef is with the author of the Holy Scriptures, Jesus Christ, not Christians.

This is the good news that God offers the world: Believe unto Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and your soul shall be saved from eternal hellfire. Spreading the Gospel of Salvation is not, therefore, an “inquisition.” Christians are not “slaughtering” homosexuals for freely choosing to “not approve knowledge of God to retain in their heart” (Romans 1:28a, from the Greek).

Using Moya’s words, homosexuals “need to stop shoving their beliefs down the throats” of Christians. There are “millions of people in the U.S.” and “all over the world” who “use the Bible for their religions.” Why should they be silenced?

Moya’s absurd, ugly accusation and vile description of Christians who stand for godly laws as “racist” is destructive to our community.

Timothy May