Longview man banned from owning pets after dog starves



LONGVIEW — A Longview man described by authorities as “borderline mentally retarded” will spend 90 days in jail or under house arrest for allowing his 5-year-old dog to starve to death in his backyard last year.

The Daily News reports that 30-year-old Jessie Howard Woodruff pleaded guilty in June to first-degree animal cruelty for the death of Lil Miss in 2011.

Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge Stephen Warning banned Woodruff from ever owning a pet.

Because Woodruff had a kidney transplant when he was younger, authorities will have to send him to another jail or put him on ankle-monitored house arrest.

Deputy prosecutor Jason Laurine says Woodruff is “borderline mentally retarded,” which made it impossible for him to care for an animal.

Authorities say the dog spent days tied to a tree.