Letter: July 4th has passed; halt fireworks



The vocal minority is currently on a campaign to have fireworks banned in Vancouver. Fireworks have been a tradition at the end of our dead-end street for 10 years. We do a potluck, have a horseshoe tournament and put on a small fireworks show.

This year, with things being a bit tight, three of us threw in together to procure the pyrotechnics. Oh sure, come the 3rd of July. we’re like kids on Christmas Eve: “Can I open just one?” We’ll fire a few off — a preshow if you will.

On the Fourth of July, we light the works. The afternoon of July 5 will find us out in the street with brooms and blowers. The party’s over. We had fun.

At the time of this writing, it’s July 10. Fireworks are still being lit off to the north of me. Stop it, will you? You people are going to rob me, my family, neighbors and friends of the biggest social event of our year.

Please stop it.

Jim Kennedy